Inside the root of the tooth, there is a vascular-nerve package that feeds the tooth, popularly known as the "nerve of the tooth.

In case of damage and / or inflammation of this tissue due to untreated caries, the process of removing the tissue, shaping the root canal, cleaning and then filling the canal with filling materials is called canal treatment.

Endodontics canal treatment is a treatment method used in the solution of the problems caused by the damage of the teeth to a level that cannot be healed as a result of the damage of the nerves in the pulp tissue inside the tooth due to caries or dental trauma. These nerves are located in the inner parts, and the disturbances that occur here, unfortunately, cause some irreversible problems. Root canal treatment is based on the method of reaching these nerves, removing the dead layer here and filling it with filling materials.

The tooth has two regions called root and crown. Of these, the crown is the part we all see in the mouth. The root is the part remaining in the invisible bone. Of these, the crown is covered with a very hard layer called enamel. The root part is covered with a layer called cementum, which completely covers the crown part. There is another layer called dentin, which contains the nerve endings under the enamel and cementum layers. Dentin with nerve endings is usually the part that reflects toothache and causes us to feel. Under the dentine is the deeper dental pulp. The importance of pulp is that it is the region that allows the development of the tooth and there are nerves here. At the same time, the pulp is the place that gives the first signals of the problems occurring in the tooth. The pulp, which is in the very center of the tooth, consists of blood, tissue and nerves. This dental pulp, which is so important in teeth, can be removed during treatment. Root canal treatment is applied by removing the pulp and adding filling to its place.